[Updated] Accident Format for Yahoo To Bill A Client

How To Use Accident Scamming Format to Bill a client

accident format for yahoo this what I’ll be discuss with you guys today, I search on internet I saw mean search on this Accident billing format you will learn a lot on this today

Accident Format for Yahoo

First of all you need to learn how to become a Yahoo boy or Yahoo Girl this where your side hustle started from has a smart hustler.

In this blog post I’ll teach you how to use the format to bill your client and cash out bigger.
All you need here is to read from beginning to end. You can also read Sickness format.

How Accident format work and easy Cashout

In this aspect, I’ll tell you how to make use of Accident format, has an expert have use the method time without number.

I know it will work for you too below I will list out some tools you need to run accident billing format.

Tools and Equipment for Accident Billing Format


You will need gedget to run this format in this case you can make use of your Android phone if you can’t avoid PC.

I will even recommend Android because the format is somehow easy.


In this aspect I will advice you to go for premium VPN to protect your IP address this will change your location for not been caught.
Have write on this you can read more. Best VPN for Yahoo

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Fake Phone Number

You will need fake number it depends on the country you target, I we recommend USA, Germany and Uk.

You can get this fake number online and you can also buy it from guys outside there.

Fake Photo

In this aspect, You can Google search any accident picture and save it on your phone or laptop before you start the format.

Make the Target your client

The target is the person you want to send billing, you have to make them your friend or finance in that case you will apply Dating chat.

To make them fall in love with you once they fall in love give it time.

Accident billing Letter to Bill a Client

In this case, I will give you sample of Accident billing format, you can change it to yours.

It adviceable to use different message format for different clients.

Honey we have to pray very hard because our only daughter is in a very critical condition. I got an emergency call from her teacher that our daughter was going to a quiz competition this morning when the bus driver ran straight into a lorry driver that was coming from the other side of the road. She said that 6 students were among them, and going to the same competition. she was rushed to the nearest hospital, and three others died in the accident, but our daughter “Michelle” survived the accident with internal bleeding, and the doctor found out that our daughter needs an urgent treatment, because she lost a lot of blood, and if she is not attended to in the next 72 hours, she will be totally paralyzed, and she will lose her senses. So right now she is in comma and if nothing is done within the next 72 hours she will die. The Doctor said that he needs $2500 to start treatment, and you were able to raise $500, and he should try his best to help with the remaining $2000 within the next 72 hours, so that the doctor can commence treatment, if not she will die. Honey please I can’t afford to lose my only daughter now… I’m frustrated now sweetie. I need you so bad right now my love. I’m just so down right now and I need someone console me. Below is the Western Union information. Please send the money through Western Union baby. You are the only one I can count on now baby.

Name: Charles Hudson
Country: Nigeria
State: Rivers state
Zip code: 285

Security Question: favourite coulor
Answer: blue

Honey please do something, and help me out of this situation. I am so worried right now… Hope to hear from you soon sweetie. Please do not let me down. I also attach Michelle’s picture, so that you can see how our daughter is doing right now.

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The above blog post teach on accident format for yahoo I know this tips have already help you guys don’t forget me too. All is Crush keep pushing the hustle.

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