Amazon Refund Trick – Order From Amazon Without payment

Here today I will teach you amazon refund trick, amazon refund trick without return I just mention view there is a lot here you will learn

Amazon Refund Trick

This trick will help you by pass all caught of actions, all you need is follow the steps one after the other. There you will also learn Amazon refund Method now you can see that the class come with a lot of callipers.

For you to understand this trick you need to follow the steps one after the others amazon refund trick, I know this acticles will surely be of help and earn you cool hug Amount without leaving home.

How Amazon Rufound Trick Work: Amazon Trick 2021

I will like to explain to you how amazon refund trick and amazon refund trick without return in this case you need to order an item from Amazon and tell them the product is fake, empty, fault.

You just need to message them and start the reason, am sure they will refund your money sometimes with gift card,

Tools and Requirement for Amazon Refund Trick

He I will list out list of tools and equipment that will make your trick easy.


Has we all know you need internet connection because there online store and they deliver there product to your door Step.

You will need phone or laptop to process and o make a demand.


I can tell you VPN is not mostly important in this trick but I will advice you to use it to avoid been caught.

I will recommend Premium VPN version for you change your location it will secure your location. CheckBest VPN For Yahoo To Protect Your IP Address

Old Amazon Account

You will need old Amazon account for the trick to be easy, you don’t need to buy old Amazon account you can create your self demand product of 10$ or 20dollar twice give it time.
The account is old already just give it a time like a week before you use it for the trick.

Simple Guide On How To Get Refund From Amazon Without Returning There Product

√ Open Amazon account
√ First Order With The Account: even if is 10$
√ Receive Order
√ Order the main you need
√ Receive Order
√ Contact Amazon To Complain
√ Regain you money (With Gift Card)
√ Place final Order

Expernation To the process Above: Amazon Refund Trick

Open Amazon account

You will need to open an account with Amazon to begen the process, here some Hustler Expert will be telling you to buy an old account but I can tell you, You don’t need to buy any account.

Before you place last order all you need is make any transaction on the account I will advice you to order an item that cost has low 10$ twice, this will help the account and make it strong it will look old to them.

First Order With The Account

You will need to plend money to gain money this your first will be made legitcally you don’t need to fraud with this first order,

You can purchase 10$ item you can do it twice to create the trust in your account.

Receive Order

Once you receive the order you don’t need to check the item.
The courier company will eventually know you have not confirm the item. Give it a time after the courier company left check your product and confirm if it well being.

Contact Amazon To Complain

Here you will need to contact Amazon company to complain about the product they delivered, you are free to Email or call there company but I will advice you to use your account.

How to make complain to Amazon Company: A-Z Guide

√ Open Your Order Items
√ Locate and find an other you need a refund from and state the reason for the problem.
√ Select a you want to complain about
√ Click on Request Refund
√ Write something harsh at the comment box and submit.

Amazon Phone Number

004 1 206-922-0880

The number about is direct to Amazon office it will be pick by there attenders to assist you with your needs. Can’t advice you to use this calling format.

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Amazon Phone Email

In your Amazon account you will see an email attach to contact there office just click on “Refund” and state your request just go straight to the point and tell them how it pains you.

Just wait an hour they will reply you and apologize for the inconveniences. Your money will be refund it manybe in gift card method.

Place Your Final Other

In this case you have two options you can withdraw your money or you place an order, if you choose to withdraw you can use another address.

If you place the order you will need to dump the account and create another account to make the trick activated. I know you can teach other hustler. amazon refund trick

How To Bypass ID Verification On Amazon

Here I will teach you how to by Bypass ID Verification On Amazon I know this tips will help you and secure your account.

• Login Your account Click on Security when you login your account.
• You will see two steps verification, Click on the Edit
• Click on Disable Option
• You will receive and OTP security code on your cell phone copy the code and activate it.

Anytime you are refunding it will not ask for verification anymore.

Guys hope have not been bad teacher?

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I know you enjoy the class, and you gain a lot today.
All the acticles here teach amazon refund trick this truck is one of the best method ever that work perfectly.

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