How To Ask Rich People For Money (Working Method)

Hey guys, I know you have being look for ways to Ask Rich People For Money Online I Will teach you the right way to get in touch to individual giving out one

Ask Rich People For Money Online

Has we all know we are equally born but we are not equally talented, I can tell you 70% out of 100% People on Earth well poor, if you are born poor is not your fault but if you die poor is your fault. Here I will show you ways to Ask Rich People For Money Online this tips work for me when am still poor all you need is to read the blog post from beginning to end.

How To Get Free Money from Rich People

In this section, I will show you how to get free money from rich People free and fast.

The guide will be drop below.

Get In Touch with people giving out Money

In this aspect you need to find rich man giving out money freely it maybe GIVEAWAY or any foundation helpers.

You just need to reach them and beg for money since there shareful giver they will give money to mentain your self for a moments.

Contact Rich People For Money

You will need there contact Rich People to beg for money. You can find there verified number from reletive or social media.

I can tell you most of those rich people don’t believe in social media usage they believe is waste of time, they keep thinking how to grow there business and build up there family and stay with millionaire like them to partner on business.

You can Email, call or message them on social media to get in touch with them.

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Find Rich People That give out Money To Help

Find rich people that give money to help most of them do it inform of GIVEAWAY.

For example: during covid-19 pendamic most rich people did give out Money and some did it in form of GIVEAWAY to help.

Work For Them

This method is one of the easiest part, you don’t need to beg for money just tell them you want to work for them,

It maybe domestic work, try do it they will pay you truest me. Ask Rich People For Money Online

Find List Of Millionaire that Do GIVEAWAY

In this aspect, you will to do some research to get list of people that give out GIVEAWAY and when they do it.

You can enter Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see how people discuss about GIVEAWAY then you will find out does that do give out from there you can message the person personally to beg for money.

Where to meet rich man to ask for money?

For you to hear “Yes” reply you need to ask for the money in some location and right time to get best reply.

Below are the best area to sake for the help.


You can use opportunity of special occasions to ask for the money.

Most if the person is invited has special Gest of the day when he/she sit down on the high table you can get in touch with you beg for money.


You know work without play make a jack boy dull, you can sight club house to meet rich people and beg for money.

Most weekends night they we be in club house yo flex you can use the opportunity to beg for money.

Expensive Area

Don’t stay in local area to find rich people it maybe look somehow difficult all you need is to enter city or estates to lovaty them.

Social Media

You can check People profile to know how walth they are once you notice there richy you are free to beg for Money.

In the method I will advise you to look for there number and call direct because most rich people don’t reply social media message.


The above blog post is to teach you ways to Ask Rich People For Money Online and Ask Rich People For Money I know by now you have understand how to know about it.

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