excuses To Borrow Money From Parents, Reletive and Friends

Good Day, here today I will be teaching you excuses to borrow money from parents, Relative and friends.

Excuses To Borrow Money

I know you will like to learn more from us today.

In our last class we talk on How To Become Yahoo Boy you can also learn How to become successful Yahoo Girl Yahoo is a side hustle in which I know you will like to start.

Let start the class, here today I will show you how to borrow or collect money from your parents, Reletive and friends, all you need just read our acticles from A-z for better understanding.

How To Increase Your Chance Of Getting a “YES” Reply

In this excuses there are somethings to consider before you start, it will be listed below. All you need here is to Read the step one after the other.

Ask The Right Person

You can’t ask everybody same thing at same time, below we have list out what you can ask your parents, Reletive and friends,

You have to know the walth of the person before you and for Money or borrow.

Be Realistic and Considerate about the person

Before you and for the money you have to realistic about there financial situation.

At time the person may not boyant financially if you also them for money you may hear No. But there boyant financially they we Reply Yes.

Have A Good Reason

You need good reason before you ask for the loan.

It maybe lie or real, you just need to start genu reason for them to give you.

Have A Payment Plen

You need to state a specific time to payback the loan.

Telling them time to refund it will help the excuses.

Basic Excuses To Collect Money From Parents

In this section, I will like to list out three to five excuses to get money from parents that I know it’ll work perfectly for you.



This one of the best method to collect money from your parents if you are not living with them you can just call home that you go broke I know this method will work perfectly.

Just give it few weeks you get it cut or trimmed or cutoff to build the truest when they see you. You can use this method continuesly any time your hair is bush.


School Project

I know your parents will not want you to lack of good things, anytime you are in need of money just call or message them that you have some school project to run. I know they will provide it.

Note: You need to give it time before you demand for another one.

This method work perfectly, Is one of the best excuses to collect money from parents most students. If you are student I will advice you to go for this method.



Birthday excuses is also has easy has about we have mention, has we all know we celebrate birthday once In a year.

You can demand for some items from your parents that will be expensive and walth, Car, Cloth, Shoe E.T.C, you can even demany for Money I know they will do It.
If is not yet your birthday and you want to use the method to get money you can tell them you want to buy birthday gift for your friend, roommate or someone else just to celebrate them on there day, I know they we provide the money.

Excuses To Get Money From Relative

First of all, I will like to explain this section, I know we all have relatives and we are not close to them has that of parents I think all the method here we work once in a while.

Below is the method..


Misplaced Money

Misplaced Money this method is one of the best you just need to contact them that you misplaced money maybe when you are going to office or in the house and you can’t found it.

Note: Don’t use the method Everytime because you maybe caught.

Use the method wisely it should be once in a while, it adviceable to use the method once in three month.


urgent Invitation

This method is also easy like does method we mention about, you can use ugent invitation to collect money from your relatives.

You can lie to them that your friend invate you to pay visitation maybe out side the country and you need there help or father in-law invite you to there house and you need more money to make the trip look nice.


You Are Broke

Most of us here know most about this method, you just need to message your reletive that you go broke I know they will wish to be of help.

You can tell them you lost money on some busines, if you own a car you can tell them you repair car so you go broke that you need there help.

Parant/Guardian Have No Money

You can message your friend about this that you need money that your parents are not boyant at the moment I know this will be a very big sock to your friends, in my own believe your friend can borrow it.

This method is very good and perfect I know you can’t be caught at all if you run it perfectly.

Money Lost To Strenger

This excuses is also good most if you are into real estate you just need to call or message your relatives that you lost money to strenger,

You can tell them you make mistake when sending money to your costomer and your bank has found where it land but the person will refund it soon,

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Conclusion On excuses to borrow money

We all we bring for you today is excuses to borrow money this is just to educate you on to borrow money I think is not bad thought because most parents and reletive are not ready to assist in one way or the other.

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