Learn: How To Become Hacker In 15 minet

how to become hacker in 15minet : beginner and Basic Tips

This best opportunity for you to learn how to become hacker in 15 minet and also how to become hacker, yes I know you have been searching for this on internet

how to become hacker in 15minet

There today I will be teaching you how to be come potential hacker and also how to make money from hacking. Calm down we are starting the class soon all you need here is to read the content from beginning to end for easy understanding.

What is Hacking

A security hacker is someone who explores methods for breaching defenses and exploiting weaknesses in a computer system or network.

They also use programming language or code to solve internet problems, we have six type of hacker, White hat, Black hat, Grey hat, Hackivist, cracker and scripter.

White hat

Hacker image

White hat hacker are also know has ethical hacker there arm is not to hacker too steal money or froud.

They hack to secure software or server there good to enroll with.

Black hat

There main arm and objective is to steal, damage, crack any unsecured software or server to get money.

They perform denger aspect in hacking, you can also get involve if you want to make the money on time.

Grey hat

This set of hacker know front end of whitehat and blackhat in hacking.

They can perform both white hat and blackhat in hacking, it depends on there mission.


Hackivist are mostly use during election, they understand both white hat and black hat.

This aspect of hacking has level because get job from politicians to hack server during election, you will be call in action to manipulate election count to win.


This set of hacker do clam to be an hacker and there not they rewrite code and software.

There the noises one that come up on social media to show there rewrite code or soft. how to become hacker in 15minet


This set of hacker are not core hacker because they buy there tools from developer.

Most of there results are not 100% sure because there secret do leak to programmers.

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how to become a hacker : Tips to become ethical hacker

Have explain all time of hacker in the hacking industry, not it depends on you to choose the one you can go into.

Those black hat make money on time but it jail risk if you wish to go into the nich you can find way to protect your self and IP address, if you choose hacker spies you can start monitoring your girlfriend or reletive chat on social media.

It depends on you is a free word.

Understand the Deeper Function of a Computer

In other to move faster in the hacking aspect you need to understand deeper about computer.

Computer is not only ment for video, gaming, graphics design, and chatting, there so many things in computer that the maker will not ever tell you.

Learn Program

To make your work easy you need to have knowledge about coding because you will need it mostly.

Let a soon you want to create a Ponzi site you will use program to carry out the action and others things like that, you can learn HTML, PHP, C++, Pyton E.t.c.

Selecting A Programming Language

In this section you will need to pick any programming language to learn, I will list out some programming language to learn to help your work.

You have to be familiar with any of the language I will list out below below.

Below are the programming language that will help you

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • C++
  • My Pyton
  • My SQL or SQL
  • js

You can check search engine to know more.

how to become hacker in 15minet

Tips to become ethical hacker

Employ Creativity

You need to be creative for you not to curse denger to People life before you create virus try to create anti-virus.

For example the hacker that create Corona virus did not create anti-virus now see numbers of people that it kills so you need to be creative.

Stay Focus and Peacent

You need to have Peacent to become ethical hacker you can be on mission for good 2year so you need focus and Peacent to get there easily.

Visiting Hacking Forums and website

I will advice you to visit hacking forum once in a while for latest update.

Don’t stop learning, learn from big Stream it will help you a lot.


Above are the tips to become ethical hacker, in the blog post you learn how to become hacker in 15minet and How to become Ethical Hacker I know this will help your hacking skill.

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