[Updated] How To Cashout Bank Logs : 100% Working Steps

How to Cashout Bank logs, Hello handsome readers, today I will be taking on Bank Logs, and Bank Logs Cashout Method I know you having been searching for this on internet so today I have bring up the solution for you.

In our previous blog post I teach Bank Drop I know you learned a lot on it and we’ll understanding..

In this blog post I will teach you how to Cashout bank log has Hustlers I know you we like to learn it from us here, calm down and read to the end.

What is Bank Log

LOGS refer to bank credentials. The credentials sometimes include the answers to the security questions asked at login in addition to the username and password. The price for logs varies depending on the balance of the bank account.

How to Cashout Bank Long

All you need is to collect your client bank log details to send money to anywhere else you want.

I can’t say this method is a fraud method is just working Smart method to have access to someone account. There are something you will need to do before you can make any transaction on the bank or make use of the bank log.

Tools and Equipment to Cashout Bank Long

In this aspect, I will list out tools you will need to use for Cashout in waster union the tools is basic and easy to use.

  • The Account Details of your Client : (Bank Account of your Victim>
  • Fake ID Card
  • Security Social Number
  • DOB
  • COM
  • Socks 4 or Socks 5
  • Dummy Email
  • Disposable Mobile Phone Number

How To Cashout Bank Log to Different Account

In this case you are going to make use of victim back account to send money to Western Union.

The step will be drop below has follow.

Get Login Details From Bank Account

You can get login details by buying a bank account from dark web or any carding forum Sir.

When it come to Cashing out bank logs you need to enable your sock and make sure is between 5 to 10 far from the person and account you need to login into. And put it on mind that you are expected to login once.

When you Login to the account successfully complete the routing and account number associated with the account, Go to account service, get the account statement and download the routing and the account number.

For you to monitor your deposit or transaction made in your victim Account number you need to setup, Mint.com you can also monitor the western union deposit micro if you are Verifying manually.

You are expected to login into the account once you while not allow to login two time or three time it will bring up suspension and the account owner will found out, so you are expected to login Once.

Things you need Before Log out off of the Account

  • Bank Account number
  • Bank Account Credentials
  • SSN
  • Routing Number {Last 4 digit}
  • residential Address

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Singup and Send The Money

Now you get all the details to the account just jump to WesternUnion.com login to the account with the account details available with you.

The website will be asking for number you can use Google voice to create multiple number for your own usage.

Note: make sure the number you use can enable outgoing calls.

Create Dummy Account

You will need Dummy emails for your own usage anytime you want want to carry out bank log.

The email will be fake that full of fake Information. This type of email is basically use for illegal hustle.

Add The Bank Fun to Send Manually

You have to add the account details to two mirror deposits and is going to take up to 72hr before is processed.

Look for deposit bank account by making use of mint.com locate your WesternUnion and enter the deposit, Select the amount you want to send and the personal bank account details to send too.

Send the Funds

Anytime you are sending the money you can state the question to secure the transaction, I Inform the person receiving the money about the text question.

Mostly money transaction collect within 72hr and the beneficiary can pick up the money Early in the morning. Western Union we notify you when the Money will be ready for pickup.

A Sample Bank Long Cashout Conversation with a Bank

My name is Brain Box, I recently sent money come usiny my account to my niece in New York, my MTCN is *********, and the purpose of calling you is to know it you need more information you require from me.
Did you need my complete SSN or my DOB? You can ask me for any of this now because I want the transaction to take place on time. My dear niece is hoping on me, she need the money urgent.

Is my first time sending using Western Union I want to make sure I did the transactions in Normal way.

Am doing this to make this transition faster because she want to balance her university fee, I know you make you do everything to make the transition fast

This above message is the conversation I normally send to the bank to confuse the bank and carry out the fast transaction.

Disclaimer: Prepxy come to educate every user have every right to choose right or bad, our content is to educate not to increase crime.

What To Keep On maind to avoid been Caught

  • The pick-up location should be far from home to avoid any Trace
  • If you are goin with car pack somewhere far to the place you want to pick the Money
  • Don’t review your identification to anyone there hide your ID card
  • Act like a gentleman and let your conversation polit with the Teller, don’t be too hurry.
  • Never use appear suspecious if you want to go and pick the Money

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In this above content we teach Cashout Bank log in your own language you can call it Bank log with the content I know you will have understand how to Cashout Bank log.

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