How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria

Welcome to Prepxy, Today I we be teaching you How To Hack A Bank Account In Nigeria this not first class about hack you can learn How To Become Hacker In 15 minet

How To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria

I know this the page you have been searching for How To hack Bank Account this blog content will help you a lot all you need is read from beginning to end.

Calm down, let me explain for tips for you to be Hacker, this method we we bring you more Profile but is on your own risk.

We have many method to steal People money with this tips if you can learn from this blog I know you will become millionaire in next six months.

Note: This Blog Post was brought up to educate you, if you are caught with this action jail is the penalty wise up Hustlers

Continue reading I we teach you how to bank fraud, there are so many ways you can hack account and move it to your own account.

How To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria

In this section, I will like to explain how to hack bank account in and withdraw the money to your account.

Below I will list out the method and how to withdraw the money down to your account.

The Phishing Method

When are talking about hacking bank account phishing site is of the best to hack bank account easily,

Phishing site is a website created by developer to hacker private details e.g BVN, CVV, Card Number and all account details.

Guide On How To hack Bank Account in Nigeria

I will explain how to hack bank account and withdraw the money to your account I know you have been searching for this for long.

Create A Fake Website

In this case you we need creative developer to build a well Design website for you can can perform the hustle aspect.

I don’t have idea of the price all you need is just tell your developer to build phishing website for you that can hack bank account.

Promote The Website

You can run Promotion for the website to make it popular, you need to write good copywrite in it on the website.

You can run Promotion on Facebook, Google AdWords and Twitter.

People Start Buying and Collect their Card Details

You need to make your product cheap People start buying the item you deliver to there door step.

From you start packing there account details and cards details you need to gerther user account details like 2000 users you can now carry out the information.

Avoid Some Bank With Strong Security

You need to avoid some bank with strong security because they can caught you easily base on there server and strong IPS,

Some of the banks, First Bank, Zainth, GTB, Wema Bank. Those bank operate with opt code they will send confirmation message to the ownersy number to confirm the transaction you know that will spoil the hacking.

In this method all you need is to be very Smart you need all tools and also learn how it work but is not new new format it has casted already but you run it with insecure bank you can hack them easily.

Message Method To Hack Bank Account Using BVN

This method is good because the message will be sent to your victim client since you have get there bank details but you only need there BVN or ATM pin, you can message them pretending to be bank manager. I know you have been receiving this type of message below.

You Need to upgrade your BVN it will be block in 24hrs time to upgrade Call 070××××××× to help you upgrade and propergraty your account

Above message is the message format you will need to send to users once they see this message some will call and some will call and some people also will refuse to call,

If they call you, just tell the person that you need card details and BVN number once the details is verified you can now the Hacking and withdraw to your account.

The Keylogger Method to Hack Bank Account in Nigeria

This method is technical I can say is one of the easiest method, Keylogger is a virus message to the victim you will send an message to the victim to purchase an item with the link or message once they did so all there card details will be stored on system.

The only way people can prevent keylogger is only strong anti-virus if the anti-virus is not strong it will damage all the victim system and stored there documents.

The Trojan Method to Hack Bank Account

This method look like phishing site but Trojan is fake application look like original bank app,

You will need to clone the bank app to gerder user details.

Step By Step To Create Troja App

  • 1. You will need to create a mobile app look exactly like bank app or similar to it.
  • 2. You will host the mobile app on internet, please don’t host it on Google play store they will remove it
  • 3. The application most be function to receive all user documents that login, so you will now use real details in real bank app to login.
    You can then transfer to your main account and delete statement of account boom you gain.

How to Hack Atm Card in Nigeria

Has an expert, hacking atm is not something easy if you are not smart enough I will teach you how to run the process here without been caught.

All you need is to get the card details without the card owner awearness save it on your device, you will now use it has payment method online to purchase an item because does foregn website doesn’t demand for Otp (One time Password) and they debit after 1day of transportation but nigeria store do ask for Opt, why I said you should go for Foreign website to purchase an item with the card.

Note: Don’t use you real name when purchasing the item or making payments with the card.

How To Transfer Money Using BVN and Account Number

In this aspect, I will teach you how to transfer money using bvn. To be an hacker you need brand because you cannot do it allow.

To Transfer using BVN you we need software to get bvn allow banker can get you the software if you move closer to them, the software we provide you the details below.

  • Account Number
  • Phone Number
  • Secret Question and Answer
  • Date Of Birth
  • Email

Once they has the information they can easily committe frud on your bank account.

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Given out BVN is at owner risk, stay safe.

Two Ways to Transfer Money Using BVN and Account Number

Here I will explain two ways of transfer money with Bvn and account number the two method will be listed Below.

1. Secret Software
2. Insider Job

Secret Software

Have made mention of the software before the software can only be found in bank with bankers.

If you move closer to banker’s they will provide it for you with token amount.

Insider Job

This method is very easy but you need connection with friend in bank that will access user details with secret software for you, Source has Name, Date of birth, Email, Phone number and Secret question and answer.

Your banker friend will send all details to you and you send fake message or call bank user for more details to hack there account.


I know by now you understand How To Hack Bank Account In Nigeria with many trick, I know you have learn a lot with our blog post. Invite your friends and family to this blog.

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