Military Dating Format : 419 Military Dating Format To Bill Client

Military Dating Format this one of the best format that work perfectly without stress, you don’t need to spend much of your time on chat because you hare military man or woman

Military Dating Format

Here you we also learn Military Dating Scam Format for Yahoo and many more.

We have learn about many formats you can learn working format there.

We all know military life is not kinder easy and there secure citizen life so almost everybody like them and wish to pre friendship with them with due respect because there born to rule and control.

What is Military Dating Format

In this aspect you have to tell your client that you are in peace station in any Arab county fighting agent terrorist.

You have to tell your white head what you are facing at the center and the stuffing you are going true.

Teel the client that some of your allowance has been delay by government and you don’t have much. That how to make use of 419 Military Dating Format.

This format is one of the easiest format for Yahoo boy because you don’t need to spend much of your time on chatting base on military work.

Advantage of 419 Military Dating Format

  • It save time
  • It help in issue of phone call
  • they we love you since they believe you are soldier
  • it help in putting emotion in the heart of Client
  • it help in easy billing

Disadvantage of 419 Military Dating Format

  • is a casted format
  • most people in America and Canada are awere of the format
  • it very difficult to convince client that you are military

How To Use Military Billing Format To Scam A Client

In this section, I will like to explain how to use military billing format to scam a client,
This format also look like dating format but is in military form you will predent to be a military man/Women in peace station.

Below are things you need to start military format.

USA Number

I just use USA number has example you need to create number according to country you want to target,

Don’t pick any call from anybody you can tell them your captain is around that you can’t pick there call.

Get Military Photo from Instagram

You we get the picture from Instagram is one of the best social media to get military Pictures.

Steps To Get Picture For Military Format

• Download Instagram Application
• Navigate to The Search bar and Search for #Usamilitry it we show list of pictures just pick picture you like and start using it.

• Download has many has you can so that anytime you are ask to send picture you can send different pic also to change profile picture.

Go To Dating Website

This side hustle is call military Dating format because you will make use of dating to find client that in need of love.

So you we need dating website to find client there so many dating website outside there, Google we help you on this search on Google you we see many of them.

Move A Client To WhatsApp

Anytime you connect with client you need to move them to Whatsapp for easy chat, if you don’t have WhatsApp you can use Hangout or Kiki, those app are safe.

Sample Military Dating Format

In this aspect I will show you 419 military dating format chat in image below.

Dating Format

Military Dating Format

This how to start the conversation and you bill the client am sure the it will work out.

When To Use The Military Dating Format

There so thing’s you have to know about military dating format and when to carry out the format on client

Below I will list out somethings to consider before using it on client.

  • If she keep many friends (Because she can Ask about You)
  • Check if she is introvert (If yes, then go ahead)
  • If she has been scam before or know something about Nigeria scammers
  • is she older women or an elderly woman

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  • Conclusion

    The about blog post is to enlighte you on military dating format and 419 military dating format for Yahoo I know you have learn a lot from the acticle. I know it a great format that work fast and easy to use.

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