How To Use Pregnancy Billing Format In 2021

Pregnancy Billing Format is what I will teaching you today, has a Yahoo Girl you need to learn it because is working well with many advantage

In our previous blog post I teach Suger Mummy Format is also for Women that want to use sugar Mummy Format is also working fine.

Let go to our own business, all you need is to read the blog post from a-z, for better understanding.

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How To Use Pregnancy billing format

In this aspect, I will give you two method to bill your boyfriend with Pregnancy format, just calm down.

The two method will be drop below.

Fake Pregnancy Text

In this case you need to message your boyfriend that you feel system of Pregnancy and you went for text and is so and you which to abort it, since you are not ready to marry this time.

Asking him to send money for the abortion, anytime he send the money spend it on urself.


Hello Gerik, how are you doing? It almost 3days now am feeling some pain and signs like, Increased urination, Low backache and/or pain, morning sickness and others like that and I went to text myself my doctor said am pregnant, has you know am not ready yet. Please send me money to run the abortion, have a great Day Dear.

After the text don’t rush, he will call you discuss with him and bill him.

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Merit Of Using Pregnancy Billing Format

There are some opportunity that open for you when using pregnancy Bill format it will be listed below.

  • Money For Cream
  • Money for flexing
  • Money for Make Up
  • Money for Provision

There something we can’t mention, I know has smart Girl you can ask more your self. With this format you can’t be caught, you just need to be very smart.

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The above content teach on Pregnancy Billing Format in with I know it will work for you too. Make a try on it also learn more Format and invite friends and family.

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