Sugar Mummy and Daddy Format For Yahoo

Today I will be give you Sugar Mummy and Daddy format, Sugar Mummy Format and Sugar Daddy Format those are some of things you will learn in this content

Sugar Mummy and Daddy

This format is one of the best format you need to learn here How To become Yahoo Boy is not an easy tax.
Suger Mummy Format and Sugar Daddy Format is one of the most use format in Yahoo right now, I know you will learn it here Today.

Tools You Need Tools to Start Sugar Mummy/Daddy Format

There I will like to give you list of equipment you need to start working on the format to give you best result, I know it will give you best results.

Fake Social Media Profile

This one if the first thing you need to work on you can visit Google and download picture to use and it will be dope.
That will allow you to post In a day like Picture, Video and N*lled picture. This will boost your flowers on the media and you we get sure client that will pay on time, you can use Facebook, Instagram or any dating Site.

You will get in touch with rich man and woman they will be the one to add you or follow you.

USA number

You will need USA number incase they ask for your number or you which to move them to Whatsapp for easy chat, (How To create USANumber). Is adviceable to use UK or USA number.

This we help you garder many clients and save it has private chat.

Plenty Pictures and Video

This one of the things you need to know the man or woman you use most be rich enough for daily basics for you to have time to time Update.

You need to be uploading he/she lastest pictures or videos. This will sound amazing to them and think the account is real.

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Google Translator

I know it will sound funny to you when I may mention of translator, you will need this to chat with guys around the world.

You can have client from South Africa or anyother part of the world, this will help you translate English to there language.

Fake Promise

You need to start some fake promise for Him/her, he or she will think you truly in love.
In this case know how you will promise and Level of promise you we start for him/her.

Grammarly Words Correction Checker

This app will help you in making grammatical world and to make corrections in your world.

You know you can make slent Mistake in your chat once you past the text in your app it will correct it.

Sugar Mummy And Sugar Daddy: Billing Format

Hope have not been a bad teacher, Lol.
Here I will be teaching you how to bill your client been Sugar Mummy or Sugar Daddy this tips will be a very good guide for you to cash out early.
This the guide below, just follow it one after the other



In this case you need to choose any of the gender to work on you can be Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mummy.
Choose responsible for you to cash out easily and you most know the choose of your target country before you choose the gender.
For Example: Europe Country’s need man because thy lost many life during the last pendamic, same thing as island and so on.
Asia: Does Arab country like women if you are to focus on Arah you women you will cash out easily.
You can ask any questions about this on comment section.


Fake Social Media

Have said this early that you will need social media but your account or page most be fake because is Hustler item.

You most not use your original profile everything on the account most be fake 💯. (How To Create Fake Account)


Promote The Account

In this case you need to use money to find money, you can run daily or monthly advart for your account or page, to gain more engagement.

You can advertise your fake product in the account or page just to make the account strong.


Add Client

Client are the user you need to hookup with, you will need to send some friend request.

I will advice you to send five white head friend request I truest them boom they will accept the media will be showing other white head your account and they will be sending request.


Introduce Your Self

In this aspect you will need to introduce your self to your new client.

First Day..

Hello Dear, My name is KAYOR, am USA resident I like you, but I don’t know how you could feel if we can hangout, message me on Whatsapp Call +44 20 3695 6500, I will hope to hear from you.

If he/she reply it seen thy have interest in you, you need to continue the chat in other day, but make sure they Reply before you send new message.
Day 2

Seen your message it seen you will be my choke Sugar Baby, been your sugar mummy will one of the best things you have ever done,
Am here to make you happy and take good care of you.
“What’s your name baby, So that it can. Be save,
Love You Boo, Thanks for your Time.

You can see the game has start from there you keep some n*”lled picture that will change his emotion.


Send Billing

I can tell you this where you need the work done,
After having a lot of fun chat you can give it 20days or more you will be planning the billing anytime use the chat format below.

Hello Cheers, I wish I could see you,

I don’t know if am chatting with real you, I can’t wait to see you and take Care of you.
I want to visit you, can you pay me Gas fee allowance?

Mean billing

Baby send me your account details and routing number… Online security question.
Which I will be using to top your allowance every month

I will advice you to receive the payment true (Credit Card, Cash app, PayPal, Paystack, zelle, strill and payonee) to Secure your profile from track

You can cash out has much, it depends on you your self Dear.


We bring you Suger Mummy Format For Yahoo 2021, Sugar Daddy Format For Yahoo 2021 to teach you how to make money illegally I know you have learn one or two things here. Our tips work 💯 sure try to use the step.

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