[Updated] 419 format for Yahoo : To Scam Client (100% Working)

Hello Guy, I can see many people have been searching for 419 Format for Yahoo and 419 Format, 419 scamming format is also one of the oldest format

419 Format for Yahoo

419 Scamming working Format for Yahoo

419 format client are hardly to find because the format is casted already, they use the foy in 1997 mostly in USA, Canada and United kingdom. So if yimou want to use the format I will advise you to avoid those countries I mentioned above, is not that you will not see clients from the country but it will hard somehow you can ask from senior expert that use the format in 19s there now millionaire.
Let the class begin, all you need now is to read the blog post from beginning to end.

Countries To tagget with the 419 Scamming Bill format

Try this 419 scamming method with USA resident is like wast of time because most of them have use too it,

I don’t say you can’t see any victim you can, but you need to work smart because it has been casted.

I will listen out some country Below to Target and Cashout easily.

Countries to Tagget with 419 scamming method


  • Germmy
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • Switzerland
  • Belgium
  • Italy

Middle East

  • Malaysia
  • Kuwait
  • UAE
  • Philippines
  • India
  • Vietnam


  • Japan
  • China
  • South Korea

These are the countries you should be targeting to see if you can get clients from there. Any client you get from any of these countries would be sure to fall for the 419 scam format. They haven’t heard about it before, so they would fall for it most likely.

How can I Use 419 Scamming format

This is very easy just keep reading this blog post I will explain all steps one after the other.

Below are the steps on how to use 419 scamming format to collect money from client.

Gather Email and Bomb

In this case you will need bulk email address that you can send message too.

You can user auto email generator to get bulk email According to target country send them message once out of 100% I know 40% may fail and fall into victim.

In fact, most messages like this always end up in the spam folder. This means that your potential client can’t even get to read it.

Find Client

Has a hustler this is first team, you have to find client yourself since have messaged may country above to Tagget I think it should not be hard to find client.

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If you are pretending to be a women you will need to Tagget man if you are pretending to be man you need to Tagget Women to make things easy.

Qualify Them

Before you use this 419 Scamming format for client you have to know atlist 50% about the client.

Also, you have to know if the client is financial boyant, don’t wast your time with broke client that can’t risk there money on investment.

Make the Client Your lover

When you jam sure Client with this format just make him/her your lover to make things easy.

Once you make him/her your lover it will be hard for them not to trust you, this will also give you opportunity to invite them to any business.

  • Never question you much
  • They won’t suspect you much
  • You can always make them happy if they start suspecting you.
  • You can always easily convince them to send the money.
  • Manipulation becomes easy.

Introduce Your Business and Convince Them

Has you know they have truest in you has lover, now you can introduce your business or working business in your area to them.

With this you can get them scam by using 419 scamming method.

Pick Up and Run

Anytime the client send the money you have to run, how to do this you need to delete any necessary details about the client, let a soon you are using Whatsapp fake number you will need to block the content to protect your self.

Tips to Escape to Avoid been Caught

  • Block them all on Social media
  • Keep a low profile and don’t party
  • Change your computer and mobile phone
  • Change your sim card
  • Move away from that location or even travel abroad.

These are the things, you can do to avoid been caught, has a Hustler I expect you to play wise man game and be smart to all you are doing online.

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I know you have learned a lot, the above blog post teach on 419 Format for Yahoo you can also get more Format and many more.

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