[Updated] Medical billing format for Yahoo 2021

Hello Guys, Medical billing format for Yahoo is what we will be talk about, we all know health is walth Nobody can take your heart for granted if thy really care about you.

Medical billing format for Yahoo

Has a Yahoo boy or Yahoo girl this format can easily work for you if you use it in the right way.

All you need to do is to read the blog post from beginning to end for better understanding.

What is Medical billing format for Yahoo

Medical billing format is one of the easiest format all you need you just make your you client to truest you.

You can pretend to be a boy or girl, you need to tell your client you are facing medical issue, telling them you fall sick this we sock them and push them to help you since they really care for you.

What are the Steps to using to make the medical billing Work

Find Client

In this aspect you need to find walth and trusted Client that can pay your bill anytime you need there attention.

I will advice you to pretend has women because man really care about there Women, so that you can Cashout hug Amount.

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Dating website

There are some dating site you can find your client, have write in this in my resent article.

Facebook and Instagram is one of the best to use and move them to your Whatsapp number or telegram.

Tell them You want to travel outside the country for an Assignment

In this aspect you need to tell your client you are not in same country with them to avoid “Come and See me”.

You have to let them know you are from Singapore, Canada, Austrialia, And Germany e.t.c,

Give it a time after you meet your client them you want to travel out of your country for business purpose country like South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria and other tourist country.

Some equipment you need to make use, it can be design by graphics designer.

  • Fake Visa
  • Travel Documents
  • Fake Passport

Does are the documents you will need even you can send it to your client to truest you more and more.

Take A Fun Selfie

If your graphic designer is an expert I think is not difficult thing to design, he/she will design where you are having fun with stars and celebraty with walth drink’s.

And is a think you can do your self if you are Expert in Photoshop it will be very easy for you.

Claim You are fallen Sick and you need help

In this aspect, you need to go offline for good 3-5 days for confusion, after you come back online let your client understand you fall sick and you spend a lot on your health.

For the client to believe you need some Prof to show them, I list some of the Prof below.

Drop the Follow Information to make it look real

• Fake medical Bill
• The requment for hospital Discharge
• Promise the Client You will refund the money when you are Okay.

Advice: Look For a client what is walth or rich to bill with this Format.

How To make the medical billing format work

There are some things you need to tell your client from the day one you meet them, it will help you in building trust.

1. Promise your client a better life, when you see them.
2. If there sacking for husband or wife promise you will stay with them with rest of your life.
3. Promise them you are going to setup a business for them.
4. Tell them you are going to take them for vacation when you come back from business trip.
5. Promise them heaven and Earth to make them truest you.

With this promise you have started they will not even think of loosing you, that’s how we roll it out and Cashout bigger.

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I know you have learn a lot here today above content reaches on Medical billing format for Yahoo I know by now you can use the format easily.

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