[Updated Working] Sickness Format for Yahoo In 2021

Here today, I’ll will be talking on Sickness Format for Yahoo and some can also call it Sickness Scamming format I know you have read a lot about formats on this blog.

Sickness scamming format


You read some of our previous formats, Credit Card Scam Format, Sugar Mummy and Daddy Format For Yahoo, 419 format for Yahoo and more Yahoo Format

Now let go back to our main Business sickness scamming format in this blog post, I will explain how to use sickness format to scam client, easy way to Cashout with sickness scamming format.

Now let start the class, chill nigger all you need here is to read the blog post from beginning to end.

How To Use Sickness Billing Format To scam Client

This format is working fine you can attach it with dating, anytime your client build trust in you, you can attach sickness billing format, I can tell you this format bis kinder easy.

There are some item or I can call it documents before you start this format, it will be listed below.

Tools and equipment for Sickness Billing Format

Have said it earlier that you be in need of some tools or documents to start this scammer format.

Below I will make mention of tools you we need to start the Sickness Billing format.

Mobile Phone/ PC

In this aspect, it you are using mobile phone to hustle, I will advice you to use Android phone it will help you in send messages.

With Android phone you can componse sick letter and send true email.

Fake Social Media Accounts

You will need fake social media accounts you can create or hack any to connect your client,

You can create Facebook, Instagram or any dating site to find client.

Email Address Target Email

Outside there you will see some dating Media that Expose email address and some does not show, Facebook Instagram does not show only if your client give it out.

You need to chat them up to get the target email address

Fake Email Address

In this case, you will need to create fake email address to send the sickness letter.

Note: I’ll advice you to use Google Gmail because they Protect IP address.

The fake email will be use in sending fake sickness latter for scamming.


If you are into illegal Hustle, Grammarly check is good for you to sound in English speaking.

Most if you are from Nigeria, Paskistan, China e.t.c, you will need Grammarly to Correcte your English words.

Sickness Letter

This the main key of the format you will need to write the letter and send it to your client true the fake email you create within the latter you will choose amounyto bill your client.

Moreover don’t use one letter on different Client you have to write different letter for each clients.

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Yahoo Sickness Photo

Sickness images

You will need good looking picture of a sick person, you can get the picture on Media and edit it, just do the findies it maybe USA, Canada and other part of Europ country am sure you we get good picture.

Note: Don’t Use the picture for different client, if you so it risky.

Sickness Billing Format

I can tell you has an expert this format is one of the simplest in Yahoo format, in with I think you can learn easily.

I have told you in this blog post I will explain how to use sickness format, this format is almost the same has medical billing format. Below are step and guide for sickness scamming format.

Prepare The Tools

Those tools I make mention about are tools to use to run sickness scamming for.

Anytime you get all this tools ready you are free to start without now stress.

Find A Target

In this aspect, you will find target on any social media or dating site, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you make them has friend.

You will start the conversation in Dating form, you will make love with your target in this case you apply dating chat.

Once the target love or like you, you will need to go offline three to four days anytime you can back you will tell the client that you fall sick and you need help from him/she to clear your bills.

Make the Target Your Client

You will need to create very solid reletionship between you and your target to be come Client,

You will need to make friends will the client before you take step to use sickness scamming format for your client.

Collect Personal Details

In this aspect, you need to lie to your client to collect there personal details, you can tell your client that you are resident of Malaysia but you base in Dubai and you are marketer for zaha company.

Try to collect there Email, occupation and other personal details.

Send Sickness Billing Letter

You will need to send a fake letter with pictures, telling your client you fall sick and you need clearance fee.

Keep doing this for your client with different letter and fake image truest me you will get good results.

Bill The client and Cashout

You will need to send your clearance fee at the body of your fake message to your client.

Anytime you are collecting there details don’t collect there bank details, if you ask for it, it’ll seen had fraud with this sickness scamming format you Cashout bigger.

Sample for Sickness Billing Format

In this aspect, I will show you how to method to message your client below.

Honey we have to pray very hard because our only Daughter is in a very critical condition. Her teacher just called me an emergency call that our daughter was going to a quiz compitition this morning that the bus driver ran straight and hitted a lorry that was coming from the other side of the road,that 6 student was among them going to same compitition that our Daughter was involved in an accident, that she was rushed to the nearest Hospital that three other student Died in the accident and that our Daughter michelle survived the accident with internal bleeding that she was rushed to a near by hospital,that the Doctor found out that michelle needs an urgent treatment that she also lost blood and that if they failed to treat her for the next 72hours that she will be totaly parellized and she will lost her senses. so right now she is in comma and if nothing is done between the next 72hours or she will DIE.The Doctor said that he needed 2500$ to start treatment for her teacher has looked around for 500$ that he had tried his best so i want you to help michelle with the remaining 2000$ within the next 72hours if not she will DIE. Honey please i can’t afford to lose my only Daugheter please.. Am fustrated now sweetie.I need you so bad now my love.Honey below is the teachers informations, Please send the money through western union baby, ou are the only one i have to run to now baby #Accident format

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